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Welcome to Malvoday website. This site is for making available the materials available in Malvi langauge. Malvi language is spoken in India, in the Malwa region,  which comprises 10 districts of Madhya Pradesh (Indore, Ujjain, Shajapur, Dewas, Neemuch, Mandsaur, Dhar, Ratlam, Sihor,and Rajgargh) and 1 district of Rajasthan (Jhalawar). There are four dialects in Malvi language. They are Ujjainy (the standard variety), Rajwadi, Umadwadi and Sondwadi. You will get Audios, Videos, texts, pictures etc in this website. This site is intended for the upliftment of Malvi people through maintaining the Malvi language and thus the culture. God loves Malvi people. God can speak Malvi language. You will get enough materials in this site through which you will know that God really loves Malvi people by speaking to our own language.


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