Malvoday is a movement for Malvi people. Many people works for the bettermint of Malvi language and its culture. Christians make a greater contribution to the language and its culture. The New Testament (Bible), Luke's gospel, Jesus film, Song books etc are available in Malvi language. There are Christians working for a Malvi Hindi English Dictionary. All these things will enrich towards the Malvi language and its culture. And also there will be a good identity for the Malvi language and in turn the Malvi people.

We Pray that through this website may the Malvi speaking people have their own identity and get more opportunity to know the Saviour who gave life for them. When the light shine, the darkness will depart. When people are educated, they will know the foolishness they were doing till now. Because till then they were controlled by other religious leaders but now they have their own identity and their own decisions.

Let the Living God raise Malwa so that the people will come to the Light of the Lamp

May God bless

Malvoday Admin